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Injective and SA World Forge New Frontiers in GameFi and DeFi Integration

NEW YORK – 02/04/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a bold move set to redefine the landscape of decentralized finance and gaming, Injective, a pioneering blockchain tailored for the DeFi sector, unveiled its latest innovation—SA World. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to merge the dynamic world of GameFi with Injective’s state-of-the-art DeFi infrastructure, heralding a new era in web3 gaming. Developed by the visionary team at OneChain Studios and receiving backing from industry giants such as Pantera, Coinbase, and Spartan Capital, SA World emerges from its legacy as one of the dominant gaming networks on both Polygon and BNB Chain. Today, it stands as a comprehensive Web3 gaming hub, offering a rich tapestry of engaging games complemented by an array of sophisticated game management tools.

The introduction of SA World onto the Injective platform signifies a quantum leap forward in the energization of the web3 gaming ecosystem. Transitioning from the Binance Smart Chain, SA World now presents its users with a myriad of features including the SA Energy governance token ($SAE), NFT Heroes, and the in-game currency $ASG token. These elements are crucial in fueling the expansion of the gaming ecosystem, with Injective’s revolutionary L1 blockchain network at the core. Injective boasts of offering the lowest transaction costs in the market along with sub-second block times, a combination that is rare in the blockchain world. Through $SAE, gamers are not only able to unlock significant upgrades within SA World’s flagship RPG mobile game, Summoners Arena Idle RPG, but they can also seamlessly transfer NFTs across various games and augment their voting power within the gaming organization.

“By integrating SA World onto the Injective platform, we are taking a giant leap towards enriching the GameFi economic landscape,” stated Eric Chen, CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs. He added, “This collaboration unleashes the full potential of SA World, utilizing our advanced technology to foster interoperability and amplify asset values across the Web3 gaming sector.”

SA World is pioneering a revolutionary revenue-sharing model that aligns closely with community interests, positioning it as a valuable asset for both developers and gamers alike. This model capitalizes on the collective strengths of its community to drive innovation within the project. It offers developers enhanced visibility for their latest game releases while incentivizing players for their active participation. Beyond the immensely popular Summoners Arena, which attracted over 500,000 players at launch, the gaming portal PlayCity offers access to more than 100 casual gaming titles. For developers, the integration with Injective facilitates the rapid deployment of games through an extensive SDK library system. This integration instantly connects SA World and Injective’s ecosystems to an expansive user base, comprising 150,000 account holders and 7,000 NFT holders of SA World.

“We are ecstatic to tap into Injective’s unparalleled L1 capabilities for our inaugural venture into the GameFi infrastructure platform,” expressed Du Le, Founder of SA World. He continued, “Their ecosystem resonates perfectly with ours, especially in terms of interoperability, technology, and community. Together, we are setting the stage for an unprecedented future in gaming.”

The partnership introduces an innovative infrastructure for NFT concepts within SA World, streamlining the process for game developers by providing a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use NFT assets. These assets meet the growing demands for scalability and integration in the industry while removing the complexities associated with managing in-game economies. Moreover, players gain enhanced control and accessibility over their NFT assets via exclusive NFT VIP passes. These passes offer special access to SA World’s benefits across prominent marketplaces like OpenSea, Magic Eden, and Dew. The NFT VIP Passes have quickly gained popularity within the community, achieving nearly $1M in trading volume within the first two weeks of their introduction.

About Injective

Injective is an ultra-fast, interoperable layer-one blockchain optimized for developing premier Web3 finance applications. It empowers developers with sophisticated plug-and-play modules to craft unparalleled dApps. INJ, its native asset, fuels Injective and its rapidly expanding ecosystem. Injective is supported by a strong incubation process by Binance and enjoys backing from leading investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera, and Mark Cuban.

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