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Revolutionizing Sustainability: Vonom Academic to Host “Proof of Green” Blockchain Symposium in Dubai

ZUG, Switzerland – 24/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Vonom Academic is gearing up to host a groundbreaking academic symposium titled “Proof of Green: Pioneering Blockchain’s Role in Sustainability,” scheduled to take place in Dubai on May 7th – 8th at the prestigious Address Downtown hotel.

This pioneering event aims to ignite discussions surrounding the integration of blockchain technology to address pressing environmental concerns and promote sustainable practices on a global scale.

“Proof of Green” promises an immersive exploration into the intersection of blockchain and sustainability, curated by Vonom Academic, a leading blockchain-driven academic publishing entity.

A diverse array of topics will be delved into, ranging from ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, renewable energy adoption, biodiversity conservation efforts, carbon offset mechanisms, to social policies aimed at fostering sustainability. Central to the discourse will be an examination of how blockchain initiatives align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their implications for emerging sectors and geographies, and the role of community engagement in driving sustainable blockchain solutions.

Philip Blazdell, CEO of Vonom Academic, underscores the significance of sustainability in the context of blockchain technology, stating, “Sustainability lies at the heart of our agenda as we strive to reshape our environmental behaviors. Blockchain’s expansive capabilities can amplify these endeavors, positioning it as a linchpin in our pursuit of positive ecological transformation.”

Comprising speaker panels, interactive workshops, and more, “Proof of Green” offers an exhaustive exploration of blockchain’s transformative potential in fostering a sustainable future. Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements detailing keynote speakers and session topics.

Moreover, the symposium will unveil a sneak peek into Vonom Academic’s innovative blockchain-driven publishing platform. Leveraging blockchain’s immutable ledger, researchers can meticulously document every facet of the publication process, ensuring transparency and integrity from data aggregation and analysis to peer review and revisions. This decentralized platform not only safeguards intellectual property rights and ensures fair compensation but also promotes universal accessibility to scholarly materials, championing the principles of open access.

“Our blockchain-powered publishing platform heralds a paradigm shift in academic research integrity, revolutionizing knowledge dissemination methods,” remarks Mr. Blazdell.

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About Vonom Academic:

Vonom Academic AG, headquartered in Switzerland, spearheads the transformation of scholarly publishing through blockchain innovation. Our mission is to elevate scholarly publication standards, facilitate global dissemination of scientific knowledge, and host impactful academic gatherings for the scholarly community.

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